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  • I have never felt as empowered or inspired as I have with Jo cheering me on and supporting my every move. My experience with Jo was life-changing, she helped me rid my nasty girl thoughts and truly empowered my self belief and self love.

    – Bianca Romeo, Fitness + Lifestyle Coach

  • Working with Jo was momentous and heart-opening. I now handle stress and being overwhelmed so much better than I used to and I’m more of a friend to myself, which has really helped me in tackling the fear I have around making big changes in my life.

    – Carrie

  • Jo changed my life. I am now calm, kind to myself, more health conscious and much more realistic while still working hard. There is much more flow in my life and I am excited for what lies ahead!

    – Chelsea Wharton

  • Jo is a positive, confident, grounded source of pure, unwavering light and working with her has been incredibly inspirational, uplifting and life-changing for me. Thank you Jo. With your guidance and support, I feel so blessed that I have been able to create a truly luminous life.

    – Natalie Roberts, Founder, Miracle Mama

  • There will never be enough words to express how grateful I am for Jo’s support and encouragement. I now feel so much more aligned to who I am and how that shows up in my business.

    – Aimee Wilson, Intuition and Embodiment Coach / Equine Practitioner, Hello Yes Coaching

  • Since working with Jo I feel like a completely different person and have true purpose to my day, and to my life! You have honestly changed my life Jo and I can’t thank you enough.

    – Jane Lampe, Florist, Floreat Floral Design

  • I can’t start to describe how valuable working with Jo has been.The journey to date has been incredible – well beyond anything I could have ever have imagined.

    – Emma 

  • Since working with Jo I have an inner calm and an extra shot of determination and fearlessness. Thank you SO much for your help and support Jo, I feel so blessed to have worked with you.

    – Sue Muller, Life Coach + Founder, Smile Chickie

  • Working with Jo has not only improved my motivation for study, but has also increased my self-confidence and changed my overall outlook on life. I have grown to believe that I can achieve any goal that I set for myself, and I now know who I am and appreciate how I connect with those around me.

    – Tamielle Brunt, Student, University of Queensland