Heart Sparks | For the dreamers, the doers and, most importantly, the TRAVELLERS.

For the dreamers, the doers and, most importantly, the TRAVELLERS.

For the dreamers, the doers and, most importantly, the TRAVELLERS.

Posted by Johanna in For your toolbox, Life, Travel 12 Jun 2016

I am the first person to admit that I am deeply passionate about travelling.  I always have been.  For me, time abroad helps me to feel adventurous, connected, peaceful, happy, strong, curious, expansive, worthy and purposeful – all feelings that I am currently (and honestly, always have been) striving to cultivate in my life.  The year I left my family to live in Denmark and travel through Europe as a young teen is still the most personally influential one in my life to date.  Every time I am invited to speak at an interstate or international event, my heart feels like it might explode with gratitude, and while I have never been there to witness it, I swear in that moment my passport does a cartwheel in the drawer.  (Or at least in my head it does.)



My own beautiful inner travel bug will flail its little legs around and threaten to wreak havoc on my emotions if I don’t feed its yearning with another trip soon.  My ‘bug’ doesn’t overly appreciate me writing this post to you, but it can be a bit of a pain like that.  It has a very strong “my way or the highway” mentality, which suits it especially well because, at the end of the day, the ‘highway’ quite literally refers to some form of journey anyhow.



I have lost count of the number of travel-bug-bitten coaching clients that, while working with me, have spoken about their own personal struggle to find peace amongst the inner battle between their head, which tells them that they cannot achieve the things they truly want in their life if they invest ALL of their time, money and energy into skipping the country at every given opportunity, and their heart, which yearns so strongly and consistently for the feelings that travel evokes in them – feelings that are easy to become addicted to, that support the creation of a story that our life will always be more meaningful in the moments we are travelling, or when we are living overseas, in that ‘other’ place.  That place that isn’t here.



Have you found yourself in this head/heart tug-of-war?



I support my coaching clients to build travel-habits that sustainably create space for them to bring their other goals to life as well.  But alongside this there are two key questions that can quickly bring more power to the life of a passionate traveller when they are not embarking on an overseas adventure, when for whatever reason travel plans are off the cards, off the table and very much bundled up in their suitcase on their top shelf of the closet.  If they are useful for you, take them for your own journey too:



How do you feel while you are travelling?

Do you, like me, feel curious, strong, connected, adventurous and happy?  Or do you feel something else?  Listing each of the feelings you receive through time away is so important in understanding the lure of the ‘bug’ and what travel brings to your life that is so personally meaningful for you.



How can you access these feelings in your life at home when you are not travelling?

Here lies the real secret: when it comes to accessing feelings, there are often so many more ways than one to go about it.  Yes, travel makes me feel curious, but so does meeting new people, learning about new things and trying new foods – all of which I can do from my own hometown.  Travel makes me feel expansive, but so does walking in the park, meditating frequently and scheduling non-negotiable days when I am completely off-limits to everyone but my family.



Are these things as much fun as travel?

Not always.

Would I love to travel to access these feelings instead?


But by cultivating more of the fabulous feelings that travel brings us right here where we are, we can still get the good stuff while also having a home-base and the space to build other things that are important to us into our world.



By all means, still schedule trips.  Nothing that you feel passionate about needs to be ignored when it is serving you and supporting you to live the wholehearted and fulfilled life that you deserve.  If you are called so deeply to move overseas or to dedicate your life to exploring the globe then, my goodness lovely, grab on with both hands and go, go, go.  You know in your heart what travel is truly about for you.



But let us be honest and allow travel to be about accessing feelings just as it is about filling a backpack and getting on a plane.  If we focus on what we are looking for internally the way that we look towards our next destination externally, we may find a whole world of options no further than our doorstep.


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