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ello!  My name is Johanna and I am so happy that you are here.


I believe that everyone is inherently beautiful, that our own happiness should be our number one investment, and that uniqueness should be celebrated.


At Heart Sparks I am all about supporting you to create and sustain a life that you love to live.


I love to build positivity, gratitude, self-love and confidence, so that is what you can expect to find here.


You are enough.

I believe with every ounce of my being that you are capable of anything you want in life when you are no-one other than yourself.  I am talking to you, lovely.  You deserve respect, kindness and love.  You deserve to set and achieve amazing goals that excite you beyond belief.  You deserve to build a life that you love to live, and have the courage and tools to change it at any time if it does not serve you well.  You deserve to be happy.

 My passion, in practice.

I am a life coach, speaker and counsellor.  I support women and adolescents to confidently embrace their uniqueness and live incredible, purposeful lives.  There are a few reasons why you will find me at Heart Sparks:



I get my energy from working with people – there is nothing that excites or motivates me more.



I cannot build a house or sew to save myself, and I feel faint at the sight of blood.  This is the work I was made to do.



I have wanted this for a very long time, and there came a point (it was an overcast Tuesday) when I finally admitted to myself that it wasn’t right for me to encourage my clients to throw themselves out of their comfort zones in the direction of their                         passions unless I was brave enough to do the same.



About Collage final one



My background is in social work, counselling service coordination and leadership, and before the birth of Heart Sparks I spent seven years doing this work in not-for-profit and local government settings.  I hold a B.A. Rural Social Welfare (majoring in Psychology) and have additional qualifications in counselling, mediation, mental health, and alcohol and other drugs work.  I have also studied at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and I am an internationally certified life coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF).



I live in Melbourne with my dashing husband and our two furry friends; Mishka the cat and Barlow the Alaskan Malamute.  I am in love with our beautiful city and its many nooks and crannies (particularly those that serve amazing coffee) but I will probably always remain a country girl at heart (I grew up in Warracknabeal, in North-Western Victoria).wedding

I love to explore new places, step off the beaten track, sing loudly in the car and play the piano.


I am at my best when I am the truest version of myself and this is why I now live my life unashamedly authentically (though for a long time I lacked the confidence to do this).  It is also why I will support you wholeheartedly to do the same.


Your time to shine.

If you are ready to feel more confident and connected to yourself, and get clear on how to bring more of what you REALLY want into your life, the coaching page is waiting for you.


If you dream of being a confident, inspiring, engaging public speaker, head to the Speaker Coaching page.


If you work with young people or young adults and you are seeking a unique personal development workshop that is both custom-made to suit their needs and full of techniques that will serve them for the rest of their lives, pop by the workshops page.


If you are looking for a passionate and highly experienced speaker, the speaking page is for you.


You will regularly find me stopping by the blog to say hello, but if you would like to contact me directly to say hi please do go ahead!  It would be wonderful to receive your message, which you can leave here.


If you would like to learn more about the Heart Sparks Vision, Mission and associated Values, you can find all of them here.


If you are looking for my media page, you can find that here.

Many sparks, all of them yours.

I am truly blessed to  work with the beautiful people that I do.  I am so proud of all of my clients – they achieve the most amazing things during our time together and go on to be utterly unstoppable.  They continue to inspire me every day.


I would love to hear from you.

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My Amazing Team

Meet Chloe

Chloe is the Administrative Assistant at Heart Sparks and supports Jo by helping out with administration behind the scenes.


She loves working at Heart Sparks because she wholeheartedly believes in Jo’s mission for all people to live their best life with confidence, connection and unashamed authenticity.


When she’s not helping out at Heart Sparks, Chloe is a life coach who supports young people in overcoming what’s holding them back so they can get the most out of their one infinite life.