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Life + Confidence Coaching

Your greatest and most valuable asset?  Your gorgeous self.  Yes gorgeous, you.  So when was the last time you REALLY invested in yourself, for no-one but yourself?

You have been floating along for a while now, doubting your abilities, struggling to be motivated, feeling stuck, and wondering if this could be as good as it gets.  You have been longing for a turning point.  And this is it.


As a life coach I support women (and a few brave men!) to become more confident and connected to themselves, unearth their true passions and build authentic, purposeful lives that leave them overflowing with peace, joy and pride.


My clients are often people who are doing just fine day-to-day, but despite the good that surrounds them, find themselves yearning for something else out of life.  Often they feel reactive to the many roles that they play in the lives of others and find it difficult to really create a space to focus on their own ambitions and dreams.  Sometimes they feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward. Sometimes, despite a lot of hard work and the very best intensions, things just haven’t worked out for them the way they felt they were meant to and the path forward seems unclear.  Sometimes the changes they want to make in their lives seem all too big, and sometimes finding  what  it is that makes them excited can feel simply impossible.


People often come to see me because they want more.  More time for themselves, more self-love, more confidence, more positive relationships, more energy, more direction, more momentum, more links with their passions, or simply a more optimistic attitude overall.  They want to FEEL different than they do right now.10177930_10152450849175996_7926090560397224456_n


I support my clients to be the most proud in their own skin than they have ever been.  I support them to create a life for themselves that is bigger and brighter than they had ever imagined.  I support them to build the confidence and courage they need to make that change they have wanted for so long.  I support them to find everything that they have ever needed, within themselves.  I support them make their wildest dreams a reality.  I support them find more energy and optimism.  I empower them take back the driver seat in their own lives.  And then I cheer like nothing else.








Bianca Romeo

I went into my coaching series with Jo very confused and cluttered with my thoughts on what I was truly passionate about.  She made me feel incredibly warm and welcomed after our first session together and I knew I was in the right hands.  I have never felt as empowered or inspired as I have with Jo cheering me on and supporting my every move.  My experience with Jo was life-changing, she helped me rid my nasty girl thoughts and truly empowered my self belief and self love.  She is one of the most amazing life coaches I know and I am so grateful to have worked with her.
 Bianca Romeo   :   Fitness and Lifestyle Coach,  Bianca Romeo




Coaching Packages


I am truly blessed to get to work with the beautiful people that I do.

There are lots of ways that we can work together to help you build your best life.  Choose the one that feels most right for you.



the Soul Spark Session

For You:
  • pre-consult questionnaire
  • one 90 minute session
  • unlimited email support for 2 weeks
  • 30 minute follow up phone or Skype session

A jump-start to spark your heart in its truest form, a Heart Spark consult will bring you in tune with yourself and your potential, identify your passions, and create space for them in your life by setting the goals that you REALLY want to achieve.  Don’t be fooled – in 90 minutes we will achieve a lot, and you will head home with both a strong sense of what makes your heart sing and an understanding of how to take decisive action in your life.

After our consult you will have unlimited email support for two weeks as you go about making changes and implementing the things we spoke about, followed by a 30 minute phone or Skype session to see where you got to.  (I will have a glass of celebratory bubbly waiting at my end!)


Investment: $300.

To begin email  johanna@heartsparks.com.au  






As a student who is studying off-campus it was hard for me to keep motivated in my studies and doubt in my abilities set in.  Johanna has shared techniques which have helped me to stay focused and have allowed me to believe in myself.  Working with Jo has not only improved my motivation for study, but has also increased my self-confidence and changed my overall outlook on life.  I have grown to believe that I can achieve any goal that I set for myself, and I now know who I am and appreciate how I connect with those around me.  The way that Jo works with people is incredibly unique; she personalises every single session to focus on exactly what YOU need and her warm and friendly personality allows for inspiring sessions where you are the only one that matters!
 Tamielle Brunt   :   Student,  University of Queensland

the IGNITE package

For You:
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire
  • six 60 minute sessions over 12 weeks
  • unlimited email support between sessions

To start you will receive a free pre-coaching questionnaire which will help you identify what you most want to achieve during your time with a coach, and we will have a 30 minute phone or Skype consultation at no-cost to you to let our chemistry work its magic.  No work to be done at this point – just an opportunity to get to know each other, check that we are a wonderful match, and make sure that I am the best coach to be supporting your fabulous dreams and ambitions.


From there, we ignite!  We will hone in on the goals that we will be working on during our time together, and you will receive fortnightly coaching sessions, action plans, homework for you to complete between sessions (don’t worry, it will be fun!), mile-stone check-ins,  and unlimited email support between our catch-ups to keep the momentum going.


Investment: $345 per month ($1035), or $1000 when paid in full upfront.

To begin email  johanna@heartsparks.com.au 






Tristan_KnoopJo has been a wonderful coach and support person during the time that I have known her, and she has motivated and inspired me to be the best possible version of myself that I can be. During a rough time in my life she provided unwavering and highly-skilled support and guidance, enabling me to feel empowered to take control of my situation by making the decisions that were right for me. Her ability to actively listen and to provide clarity has led me to see the bigger picture in the most difficult of times. This has made be a better person, and has allowed me to achieve the life goals I have set for myself.
                                                                 TRISTAN KNOOP, EMPLOYMENT CONSULTANT, WORKING OUT




the HEART PRINT package

For You:
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire
  • twelve 60 minute sessions over 24 weeks
  • unlimited email support between sessions

Just like the IGNITE package, we will start out with a free pre-coaching questionnaire and 30 minute phone or Skype consultation at no cost to you to let our chemistry do its thing and to ensure that we are a match made in coaching-heaven.  From there it is time to create an authentic, purposeful life full of your own luminous heart prints.  You will receive fortnightly coaching sessions, action plans, homework for you to complete between sessions (once again, the good kind!), milestone check-ins, and unlimited email support between our catch-ups to keep things moving at a beautiful pace. Get ready, this one is life-transforming.


Investment: $330 per month ($1980), or $1920 when paid in full upfront.

To begin email  johanna@heartsparks.com.au 






Jane Lampe
I came to Jo for coaching when I was feeling very unhappy within myself, struggling a lot with work/life balance and needing a lot more direction in my business. I knew that life was too short to not be happy and I wanted to change the way I was feeling. I had never worked with a coach before but after our first session I already felt so happy – it was like a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders! Jo is so reliable and could not have supported me better. She even messaged me on Christmas Day!
Since working with Jo I cope much better with situations, I am much more patient with myself and others, I have much more direction in my business. and I am getting things done! I feel like a completely different person and have true purpose to my day, and to my life!
You have honestly changed my life Jo and I can’t thank you enough.
Jane Lampe  :  Florist,  Floreat Floral Design

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Still not sure if coaching is right for you, or which package to choose?  

No problem!





Email me at johanna@heartsparks.com.au and we will schedule time for a free chat together where we can get to know each other more, you can ask me anything you like about coaching or working with me and we can nut out together whether or not coaching is the best thing right now to support you in achieving what you truly want. You will also be sent my free, pre-coaching questionnaire which is designed specifically to help you learn a lot more about yourself and also to help you prioritise what you would most like to achieve through working with a coach.


How would living your ideal life make you feel?

What could you do if you knew having what you truly want was possible?

How unstoppable would you be if doubt and fear were no longer getting in the way?

How could your life look in three months time if you were truly able to put yourself first?

If not now, then when?

This is your time. And I am excitedly waiting for you!