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hat I want for every young person who comes to see me for counselling is happiness, optimism, direction and peace.  In fact, I would love them to have an abundance of all four, because they deserve nothing less.  And you, as someone who cares about them and has referred them to me, likely wants the same.


I come with all of the things you would expect from a counsellor – qualifications, experience, confidentiality and a comfy chair, but here are some other things that are important for you to know about me before we meet too, no matter whether you are a loving parent or carer, teacher, worker, or youth friendly GP.


I counsel young people between the ages of 12-25 years for as long as they need, but I believe in an ideal world they would be spending their time living a fulfilling, happy life                                                                                         that stretches well beyond the confines of my office – so this is what we will be aiming for.


I believe wholeheartedly in person-centred and strengths-based practice, which means that my counselling is driven by the hopes and goals of the young person themselves, and amongst other things, builds upon the wonderful qualities they already have.
I will sometimes give young people I counsel homework to complete outside our sessions.  I will give them a hot drink and and a tim tam if they need it, and will move our session outside to a picnic rug under a tree if they need that too.


I am extremely passionate about self-esteem, confidence and issues relating to bullying, so I see a lot of young people wanting to work on these things.  I also work in areas such as mental health,(particularly anxiety and depression), alcohol and other drugs, relationships and more.


Regardless of what it is that that brings a young person to counselling, or you to refer them to me, it is important to me that they finish our time together feeling stronger, happier, back on track, more connected to the positive people around them, and having overcome anything that is holding them back.  We will work towards them also gaining a strong sense of self and an appreciation of the many things that make them wonderfully unique so they can achieve their hopes and goals well into the future.


I work from several offices across the Western region of Melbourne and I will schedule sessions at the space that is most convenient for you.


Sound like what you are looking for?  Great!  I can’t wait to meet the young person at the forefront of your thoughts and help them get back on track to being healthy, happy and whole again.



To make a referral, please contact me here.