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Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

Q. What is coaching exactly?

Coaching is a method of support designed to help people think and act in a way that moves them wholeheartedly towards the life they want most for themselves.  It draws upon techniques from a variety of disciplines to help people consciously learn what is best for them and what will allow them to lead their best life. As your coach I am not the expert in your life, you are.  But I ask the best questions going around, I will support you to uncover things about yourself and what you are capable of that you have never previously known and I will not let you hide from what you really want.  If you are working with me, I am ALL IN.

Coaching provides the time and space for you to TRULY invest in yourself, in your dreams and in what your heart wants away from all of the roles you have in your life and any expectations you feel the world (or anyone in it) has placed on you.  If coaching were a cake, it would be made of part motivation, part reflection, part education, part accountability and a lot of action.

Q. How is coaching different to counselling?

Coaching is similar to counselling in that it involves talking about where you are at in your life, but while couselling involves looking back into the past history of your life to reflect, uncover and understand why something is happening in the present, coaching focuses on the present and looks only towards the future.  Counselling can also have a strong focus on healing past emotional traumas, where coaching has a focus on setting truly inspiring goals and working towards your vision for the future.

Q. And how is this coaching different to sports coaching?

Coaching is similar to sports coaching in that as your coach I will challenge you and hold you accountable (as well as cheer you on from the sidelines like nothing else!), but unlike sports coaching which has a BIG emphasis on winning or losing, life coaching is not a competitive process.  Every step towards your goal is a ‘win’ and all movement is about growing and learning.  It’s YOUR journey that we’re interested in.

Q. Do I have to live in Melbourne to work with you?

No, not at all!  I work with people who live all over Australia and internationally.  I love working with people in their pocket of the globe and because we can have sessions together on Skype, you can work with me from whichever location suits you best.  Because I am also invited to speak at a lot of events around Australia and internationally, I will also always let you know if I am going to be close to your hometown so that if you want to have a session in person while I am there (and only if you want to), we can!

Q. I have never worked with a Coach before, does that matter?

No, it does not matter one bit.  Some of my clients have worked with one or more coaches before, and many others choose to work with me as their first ever coach!  Even if you have worked with a coach before, you may find that my way of supporting you is different to theirs.  All great coaches have their own unique style and personality that shines through their work, just like all people have their own unique personalities too.

Q. Do you do coaching sessions over the phone?

Yes.  If we are not in the same town and/or your internet connection is playing up, we can definitely connect via phone instead.

Q. Where would in-person sessions take place?

That depends on you!  I hold in-person sessions in a variety of different places and settings and I get most excited when we can choose a place that you love.  There are lots of wonderful cafes and lounge spaces available (the coffee is always on me!) and when the weather is really good there have also been times when my clients and I have decided to meet outdoors, which when my hay-fever isn’t going bananas can be a lot of fun too!

Q. Is it true that you also train people to be life coaches?

Yes.  I am a Senior Trainer at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, where I train amazing people from all over the world to become phenomenal life coaches alongside Julie Parker and a wonderful team of Assistant and Support trainers.  (Julie is not related to me, though I like to pretend that she is sometimes!  We both married non-related, Parker men who coincidentally share a deep love of the Richmond Football Club here in Australia.)

I love witnessing the people I have trained create their own beautiful and thriving coaching businesses and a lot of coaches do choose me as their coach which I absolutely adore, but please know that I DO NOT at all ONLY work with coaches – in fact it is quite the opposite!  Some of my favourite people to work with are people who don’t even know that much about coaching, let alone want to become a coach themselves.

Q. How do I know for sure that coaching is right for me?

If you are feeling at all unsure about whether or not coaching is the best thing to support you right now, please feel free to contact me directly at info@heartsparks.com.au so we can arrange a time to chat about it.  If coaching is not the right fit for you then I am sure that there will be plenty of websites, resources and services that I can point you in the direction of instead.  It is always great just to say hi!

As a general rule, coaching is great for you if:

  • You are really longing for positive change within yourself or your life
  • You are feeling ready to create change and take positive action
  • You are open to discovering new things about yourself
  • You are ready to be open and honest about what you want for yourself – both in how you want to feel and what you want for your life

Coaching is potentially not the best thing for you right now if:

  • You are looking for someone to simply tell you what to do
  • It feels important to talk more about the past than the future
  • You are not feeling ready to speak honestly and openly about what you truly want for yourself in this moment
  • You don’t feel willing to actively work towards what you want

Q. I work full time. Could we connect during my lunch break or after work?

Sure! There is nothing worse than really wanting to do something but not being able to because the times that it is offered don’t align with life’s other commitments.  I offer both lunch-time session and after-hours session time slots on weekdays.

Q. Is it still okay for me to hire you as a speaker through my work if I am personally working with you as my coach at the same time?

Absolutely.  It is always a privilege to support the work and events of my clients when those things align! Please know though that any event-related conversation would take place OUTSIDE of your coaching sessions. Your coaching sessions are just for you.


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