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Heart Sparker Series

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Let’s get serious. Finding what it is that you are passionate about, what floats your boat, what sparks your heart, or as a dear colleague of mine once said, what makes you “feel sexy” is only half of the battle towards living your most true and abundant life.


Looking for the courage to back yourself and follow your passion? As in REALLY follow it – wholeheartedly, fearlessly, unapoligetically? Both you and your passion deserve nothing less, and that’s why some of my favourite Heart Sparkers are coming to the party.

The other half is finding the strength to back that thing that sets your soul alight; to say it out loud and hear how it rolls off your tongue (in earshot of other people!), to share it with the world, to invest in it, to follow it faithfully when the mystery of its future scares you straight out of your pants, and to create space for it in a life that has become so full of oh so many things. Sound familiar gorgeous?


The Heart Sparks Heart Sparker series will introduce you to a range of highly passionate and devoted men and women who have identified their passion (or passions – exciting things to come for those of you who are multi-passionate!) and have followed it; honestly, shamelessly, and courageously, even on the days when the unknown has scared them right out of their pants.


Through a series of free podcast interviews, together we will explore how passions of all shapes and sizes have leaped from people’s heads and hearts into their hands.  Our walk-talking Heart Sparkers will share their personal success stories and pain-staking challenges, as well as their very best tips on how to truly and sustainably give your passion wings and turn it into a positive driving force in your life.


A courageous bunch, they have:

  • Stood by their passion when ridiculed by others
  • Been knocked down and gotten back up. Again. And again.
  • Changed career paths
  • Re-vamped their lifestyles
  • Built businesses
  • Let go


Excited? Me too!

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