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Johanna is a natural, giving and engaging speaker.  She shines with authenticity and has an innate way of connecting instantaneously to her audience.  She particularly has a special way of inspiring young people and young adults to be their true and best selves, and that’s because she is constantly challenging herself to lead her own true and best life.  If you are looking for an incredible speaker for your next event, Johanna comes with my highest recommendation.  For the many years I engaged her at the youth leadership conference I convened she consistently performed with star quality, and it was never a question I would invite her back year after year.


Julie Parker   :   CEO + Founder,  Beautiful You Coaching Academy   



Johanna is a new kind of leader. She inspires intention-led living with her every interaction and her ability to connect and affect people is profound. I chose Johanna as our opening speaker for The Create Day and the energy she created with our audience set the perfect tone for our entire day. She presents with first class polish and heart, and on stage as well as in conversation, she is both captivating and generous.
People recognise that they are in safe hands with Johanna and are willing to be vulnerable because she quickly earns trust. Luminous yet grounded and accessible, she gifts audiences a perfect mix of inspiration and practical application that enables them to be the best versions of themselves. Johanna shows such depth, substance and infectious kindness. From knowing her I am more lit up in my own life and I was honoured to connect her with my tribe, too.


Jade Wisely   :   Host of The Create Days, Jade Wisely Photography



Jess Jones

Jo spoke at SoarCon – a conference for women in business – and was the perfect person for the job!  The audience were immediately engaged and truly inspired by her presentation on authenticity as it really hit the nail on the head for so many attendees.  Jo was the favourite speaker amongst many guests and we had wonderful feedback from them saying she’d really struck a chord with them.  A beautiful person inside and out, Jo’s ability to really connect with the audience was something not all speakers can do.  We’d love to have her back at a future event.


Jess Jones   :   Founder,  Soar Collective





Jo Parker is an impressive and engaging speaker with an easily-relatable storytelling style. Most recently I was privileged to welcome Jo to Federation University as a keynote speaker for The ‘One Small Thing’ Leadership Conference. Jo’s story and message impacted and inspired our students and student leaders greatly and her presence has left a long-lasting impression.
 Jo was utterly professional and accommodating from our initial contact and session proposal right through the lengthy preparation for the conference, in her delivery on the day and even during reflective contact afterwards. She responded to communication promptly and clearly. I have booked Jo to speak and facilitate workshops here at the Uni multiple times and would have no hesitation recommending Jo to anyone looking for an intelligent, confident and warm speaker or facilitator who delivers a strong, clear message to a diverse audience.


Luke Icely   :   Student Leadership Program Officer,  Federation University





Jo is an unwavering pillar of belief and support with everyone she comes in contact with.  Her work as part of our Youth Mentor Training has been incredible and to see her speak, answer questions and provide feedback and guidance to students is a special thing to witness.  Jo is thoughtful in her choice of words, full of wisdom and instantly makes her audience feel comfortable and as though anything is possible.  She’s born to do the work that she does.


Amanda Rootsey   :   Founder + DirectorShine From Within





Jo is like no-one I have ever collaborated with. Having worked in the youth sector for 15 years, I am always on the look-out for unique, inspirational and genuine people who do what they do because they absolutely love it. I saw Jo present to university students in our Cadetship program and I wondered if she could translate the concepts she delivered so well there to the Year 7 and 8 high school students I work with. I invited Jo to present to these young people and the feedback from them after hearing her speak spoke for itself! Jo delivered a transformational workshop, supporting students to develop their self-confidence, build resilience and enhance their personal values while embracing fear and expanding their comfort zones. I am grateful to have met her and to work with her.


Lisa Mac   :   Future Focus Program Lead, Doxa Future Focus





I engage Jo every year to be a Keynote Speaker and a live-in Coach/Counsellor at a leadership program I direct for young adults from all over Tasmania. I first met her years ago when we were asked to collaborate in Sydney and deliver a four-day event for a group of 100 international young leaders from over 30 countries on behalf of Rotary International.
Back then I was filled with self-doubt and confusion about how I could have been selected for such an amazing role, but from the moment I first connected with Jo I knew that she would forever be a part of my life and world. She gave me the courage to find my inner strength – something I always knew deep down was there but struggled to let shine – and to face my fears. Her beautiful nature, honesty and warmth empowered me to believe in myself and to trust that I CAN do anything I set my heart and mind to. I am grateful to now have her as a continued part of our programs in Tasmania.
Jo’s sessions give you tools, insight, options and the space to truly think. She surrounds you with the support and encouragement to move forward with your goals and dreams. One person really can make a difference and lives are forever better because Jo has been in them.


Jenny Simms   :   Tasmanian District RYLA Director, Rotary International District 9380 





Jo came into our EO Partner Forum and helped us to build our confidence and our own unique communication skills, all while sharing some amazing tools and strategies with us as a group. Everyone there absolutely loved her session and we each walked away feeling more confident and assured in our communication skills. I highly recommend Jo as a workshop facilitator who can share her immense knowledge with a group, but still make people feel like they’ve had an extremely personalised experience.


Kate Cashman : Partners Forum Member, Entrepreneurs Organisation





I have been lucky enough to work alongside Jo, delivering personal development programs to young women.  Jo is an incredible facilitator that oozes with warmth, understanding and compassion.  Her ability to create a safe and nurturing space makes her so great at what she does.  Jo is absolutely devoted to her vision of building positivity, self-love and confidence in every individual she connects with.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jo and experience her passion for helping people to awaken their potential.


Tanya Whitmore   :   Youth Development Officer, Wyndham City Youth Services





Jo was an absolute pleasure to work with.  From the beginning she was ready to help work with us to cater a speech unique to the day we wanted and incorporate all of our own personal touches.  The students and volunteers of the program were incredibly impressed with her, and all learnt valuable information from her talk that was full of rich information.  It was great to see the participants of the Ballarat program particularly love the talk and really engage with her about their future goals and dreams.  Thank you for all your hard work Jo.


Maddie Vernon   :   emPOWERme Committee,  Lord Somers





I have worked with Jo for 7 years co-directing a youth program in a volunteer capacity.  Jo is one of the most inspiring and engaging people I have ever met.  She has the ability to move a group or an individual in a short amount of time.  She connects well with people, builds trust quickly and leaves you thinking ‘I cant believe I just revealed that…’ but you are always glad you did with the support, problem solving and million dollar questions Jo asks to help you collect your thoughts and make positive change.  Jo pours her kindness and energy into everyone she works with and brings a wealth of experience.


Clare Desira   :   Founder, Top Five Movement  /  Manager, NAB Employee Volunteering Program   




We were delighted to have Jo provide workshop and group consultation facilitation training to a group of our young people so that they could go on to confidently lead a consultation process with other young people on behalf of Council.  Jo was engaging, interactive and was able to easily draw upon discussion with the group to illustrate examples and effectively teach them.  Her session covered a fantastic range of content about facilitating groups and discussion, leading consultations and understanding a facilitator’s role, in a way that the young people could understand and relate with.  The young people finished the workshop feeling confident and well prepared for any group situation they might encounter, and I have been hearing great feedback about Jo’s training all week.  Thank you Jo!


Ruth Mihelcic   :   Youth Participation and Leadership Officer,  Wyndham City Youth Services   





Johanna is very highly skilled with facilitating workshops for young people. She is very engaging and professional and brings a great energy to the room. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic which makes her workshops of a high quality.


Peta Seabrook   :   Youth Counsellor





Jo’s skill and passion for working with young people is infectious and has been a privilege to watch. Her ability to engage with not only individuals but also groups of young people is incredible, and her natural ability to make everyone feel important and valued leaves each young person she works with feeling empowered to take on any challenge they face and to change their own lives for the better. The way in which she captivates and involves her young audiences in the session content is remarkable to witness, and I recommend hiring her without hesitation to work with youth on any aspect of their personal development and growth.


Tristan Knoop   :   Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Leadership Team





We were fortunate to have Johanna as a speaker at our 2013 graduation dinner at the College. She was the most honest, authentic and down-to-earth speaker that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Jo has the ability to appeal to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and I highly recommend her services at such events. I feel so fortunate to have worked with someone who is changing so many lives, whist maintaining such an inclusive, community mindset.


Heath Schulz   :   VCE Coordinator,  Warracknabeal Secondary College





I was lucky enough to work with Jo delivering personal development programs to Year 9 girls in Wyndham.  Working alongside Jo was an absolute honour.  Her bright, bubbly and kind hearted nature makes her so warm and inviting to interact with which was so apparent when observing her interactions with the girls – I could notice them all listening with open minds and enthusiasm to everything she had to say.  She was perfectly organised, on time and with ample resources that assisted us to run the day smoothly, including resources for students to keep.  Johanna’s approach is fun, friendly and interactive, whilst still maintaining professionalism and effective delivery.  The work she does is truly empowering.


Codie Hart   :   Youth Development Officer,  Wyndham City Youth Services





Wyndham colour testimonial
It was an absolute pleasure booking Johanna as a keynote speaker for a Parent Information event here at Wyndham City Council.  She was very thorough in her communication in the lead up to the event and she was also very accommodating and organised.  Jo presented to an audience of parents and carers about the effects of stress on teenagers and empowered them with a series of tools and strategies to better support young people in their households during stressful exam periods and times of change, whilst also effortlessly recognising and validating positive contributions they were already making with their teens.  Jo presents in a way that is both very engaging and easy to follow.  She scored 10/10 across all areas of our feedback forms from 100% of our attendees, which demonstrated how highly they valued her presentation as well as her as a speaker.


Rosie Barbara   :   Counsellor,  Wyndham City Youth Services



Jacinta.Saunders round


I highly recommend the services that Jo at Heart Sparks offers. My experience with her was nothing but positive and she was able to provide me with the clarity and encouragement that I needed to pursue my dreams. Her positive outlook on life coupled with her belief in me was instrumental in allowing me to find the courage to pursue my dreams.


Jacinta Saunders   :   Blogger,  One Gypsy Soul





Brooke_WilsonJo has a way of asking the right questions to get the right answers.  She has a warmth that makes you feel incredibly comfortable in her presence, in both one-on-one sessions or in front of a group.


Brooke Wilson   :   Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Leadership Team




Johanna Parker from Heart Sparks was a joy to work with on our staff White Ribbon Day events. She was open to listening to our concepts and ensuring that the content met our needs and appealed to a wide audience. All our dealings with Heart Sparks was a smooth process from the enquiry, conception of ideas, development and delivery. The time Johanna took to research and deliver a well-crafted clear communicated message ensured the content was on point. We had great reviews from our staff on how it made them stop and think. Johanna is a highly skilled and professional woman and we are looking forward to opportunities to work together in the future.


Paula Hearnden  :  Community Development Officer, Wyndham City