Heart Sparks | The Love List

The Love List

From me to you, these are all things that have sparked my heart and in some instances, completely changed my life.

Including everything from my favourite books and courses to my favourite cafes and candles, I hope that you are introduced to something here that you come to love as much as I do.






Use Your Words by Catherine Deveny

… if you are ready to get out of your own way and write.


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

… if you are longing to lean into your creative side and shatter the perceptions of suffering that surround it once and for all.


The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

… if you have ever set a goal, want to set a goal, like goal setting, hate goal setting or just want to feel good in your life.  


Everything Brené Brown has ever written

… if you are breathing. If you are looking for what I would suggest as compulsory reading, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené is it.


Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell

…if you are ready to honour your soul and give your intuition more decision making power in your life.


Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr Suess

… if you are aged between eight and eight hundred, or looking for a gift for anyone aged between eight and eight hundred.


Change The World For Ten Bucks by We Are What We Do

… if you are ever feeling too insignificant to make a genuine difference in the world.


Gut by Giulia Enders

… if you feel separate to your body and/or long to understand it more.


Pulling Petals by Becca Lee

… if you crave beautiful, small interjections of peace and wonder in your day.







Active Living Diary by Lorna Jane

Managing my schedule on electronic devices has always made me feel claustrophobic (is that weird?) so I have always used physical, hard-cover diaries and planners.  I buy this diary each year and love its lined, spacious week-to-a-page layout, the sneaky reminder quotes that are sprinkled throughout, the ‘year at a glance’ view at the front, and while not always practical, even the canvas covers that graced the 2015-17 editions I’ve owned.  I had a competition with myself each of those years to see how long I could go without spilling coffee on them.  The record was ten months (so close!).


Animal Moon Energy Calendar by Sarah Wilder

I love setting intentions and working in alignment with lunar cycles so this wall calendar was a no-brainer for me.  The gorgeous artwork and beautiful energy from what has previously been a collaboration of two special souls and now continues through the heart of Sarah Wilder, makes it all the more amazing.


Lunar Planner by Ezzie Spencer

I adore Ezzie’s work as much as I adore Ezzie herself.  This woman is such a bright light in our world.  Her free Lunar Planner is a great thing to keep handy if you are new to working with lunar cycles (I recommend giving it a go if you’ve never tried!) and want to make sure you don’t miss any important dates.  Whether you’re in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, Ezzie will have you sorted.


B5 Daily Notes Pads by Kikki.K

As a passionate and devoted list-maker from way back, this is my pick for daily to-do lists.  I use these most days and Kikki.K release a different style of them in almost every new stationery collection.






Beautiful You Life Coaching Course by Beautiful You Coaching Academy

I am a Senior Trainer at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, where alongside Founder Julie Parker and the rest of the Training Team, I passionately teach wonderful people from across the globe to be truly phenomenal life coaches with beautiful life coaching businesses.  I studied with Beautiful You in the first ever course and to this day it is the only life coaching study that I recommend, for a host of reasons.  If not for this course, I would not be the coach that I am.

If you are interested in becoming a life coach and want to know more about the course and my experience with it as either a student or trainer, you are very welcome to contact me at info@heartsparks.com.au or here.

I also offer a FREE, one-on-one, three-month Life + Confidence Coaching Series with me valued at AUD $1035.00 as part of your enrolment to the course if you sign up via my affiliate link above (in the title).  This is in addition to the work you already do with me as one of your course trainers and is a great way for us to keep your personal journey going strong long after you have completed the course itself.  Please don’t hesitate to email me if you would like to find out more about that prior to signing up, too.


Youth Mentor Training by Shine From Within

I am proud Guest Teacher and affiliate for this program and can’t recommend it highly enough if you are considering becoming a youth mentor and/or working with young people. Founder Amanda Rootsey is a wealth of knowledge, experience and rock-steady support for everyone she comes in contact with and it is an honour to have been invited to guide her students in this way.


Workshop Wonderful by Event Head

Workshop Wonderful is a fantastic program for anyone hoping to host their own events and Jade’s vast event management experience and genuine care for all event-attendees shines through so strongly in this program.  Jade and I have collaborated on all kinds of things, but being an affiliate of this program was a no-brainer decision for me.


Wake Up Project

I love attending Wake Up Project events and Jono and his team are always so friendly, warm, welcoming, insightful and personally inspiring in their own right.  I have seen a lot of my favourite speakers thanks to the Wake Up Project and their sensational ability to bring people together.


School of Life

The event calendar for the School of Life (Melbourne) is one that I always have a keen eye on and their devotion to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture sees so many diverse, enriching, thought-provoking and soul-expanding conversations take place at every one of their experiences.  I also have a picture of their stage on my vision board.


Ted.com and Tedx

Ideas worth spreading indeed.  Don’t jump onto Ted.com for the first time unless you have enough time to get lost down a rabbit-hole of amazingness.  Prepare to be hooked, educated and soulfully nourished.






Truth Bomb decks by Danielle LaPorte

…designed to open your heart, change your mind and soothe your soul with beautiful simplicity, love and truth.  Both volumes are as amazing as each other and their creator Danielle is a powerhouse of light, love and goal-setting amazingness.


Positive Thought Starter cards by Top Five Movement

…designed to help you get more gratitude, positivity and happiness out of every day.  Their creator Clare is a very dear friend of mine and I am thrilled to have contributed a question to this deck.  These are great to have on the kitchen table to spark dinner conversation and are especially fun to use with kids.  Personal faves of mine!


Spirit Cats deck by Nicole Piar

These were a gift and I literally squealed when I got them (thank you Julie!).  Each card has a message as important and soulful as it corresponding cat and with Nicole’s stunning illustrations, it is very hard to put a card back in the deck once it is drawn!


Animal Kin Oracle deck by Fifth Element Life

I wanted this deck for a long time before I owned it myself and in that time it amazed me how often a version of it would find its way into my hands when I needed it most.

The beautifully illustrated cards featuring beautiful creatures are enough to be a worthy purchase on their own, but the amazing guidebook that accompanies them is the best I’ve seen accompany a deck.


I adore meditones and I adore Tahlee.  Put them together and BAM: peaceful, centred, grounded bliss.  Her work is my go-to and I always feel so deeply held while meditating to it.


When working on my chakras (which for the most part is daily) Belinda’s chakra cleanse is the first meditation I reach for.  I’m so grateful for Bel’s ‘let’s get straight to work’ attitude, quick provision of space and encouraging pace and guidance.  It didn’t surprise me one bit that when I attended her ‘Advanced Energy Anatomy’ workshop in Melbourne a long while ago I loved that, too.  As she so beautifully says: ‘Change your energy. Change your life.’





These are the mags that you will most often find gracing my coffee table or hard-drive.


Renegade Collective (print magazine)

… giving a fresh (and refreshing!) perspective on the issues that matter, across business, design, tech, social change, fashion and travel.  A personal fave of mine.  Editor-In-Chief Lisa and I met very early on in the Collective journey and let me tell you, this woman CARES.  It is always a joy seeing her in action and her ‘anything is possible if you get on with it’ attitude gives me a right kick in the butt when I need it, whether she is anywhere near me or not.


Womankind (print magazine)

… an advertising-free women’s magazine on self, identity and meaning in today’s society. Soulful, conscious, strong, diverse, feminine, brilliance.


Raspberry Magazine (digital magazine – free!)

… devoted to bringing insightful articles, interviews and helpful resources to lady online entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, digital nomads, and those aspiring to be.  And the design…STUNNING.


Inspired COACH Magazine (digital magazine – free!)

… lush, beautiful, inspiring and designed to help potential coaches step into their brilliance.  Such a shining light in the coaching industry.


Belong Magazine (print + digital magazine)

… celebrating the art and community of blogging, social media + entrepreneurship.  Whenever I begin reading this one I lose myself in it, in the best possible way.


Roooar Magazine (digital magazine – free!)

… filled with articles to light a fire, educate, and inspire business women across the globe. Also the very first magazine I was featured in.  This one is very close to my heart.


The Introvert Effect (digital magazine – free!)

… by introverts, for introverts.  Creator Katherine is a very dear friend of mine and I am endlessly inspired by her plight to create a space of belonging, connection and influence for introverts.


Breathe Magazine (print magazine)

… a consistent, conscious and beautiful message to make more time for yourself.  YES PLEASE.


Wellbeing Magazine (print + digital magazine)

… filled to the brim with informative, practical articles on ethical living, wholefood cooking, environmental affairs, alternative therapies, natural health and yoga.  A beautiful and conscious all-rounder that will leave you busting to nurture your mind, body and spirit.






Crystal Connections guide by Adam Barralet

This is my go-to guide for all things crystal-related and by far the best crystal guide book I have ever seen.  The way that Adam describes his experiences in working with individual crystals aligns almost always with my own and I think his recognition of the importance of cleansing stones by their associated element (rather than simply placing them ALL under a full moon) is as fantastic as it is important.  If you are looking for a crystal guide book please check this one out before you purchase anything else.


Crystal Connections online Facebook sales

Some of my favourite specimens have been bought from Adam in his online sales (which are periodic and on Facebook).  I’ll always try to get to them when I can.


Your Mantra (Ballarat, Victoria, Australia)

I love popping in to this shop whenever I am in Ballarat and friendly owner Lachie is always a joy to be around.  It is hard not to just pull up a chair behind the counter there and chat away the afternoon.  One of my favourite jewellery pieces (a large, dog-tooth-shaped moldavite pendant) was bought from him and it is rare for me to swing past without leaving with something new! #takemymoney


Qi (Caulfield South, Victoria, Australia)

A warm cup of soy chai in Qi’s back garden and a mosey around the store is one of my favourite ways to spend a lazy afternoon here in Melbourne.  If you are going to Qi I recommend you put some time aside – there is lots to see and just when you think you are ready to leave, something else will likely capture your attention.

Oddly enough, this is the only place to date where I am guaranteed to get a ‘crystal hangover’ (those of you that work with crystals a lot will know what I mean) each time I am there.  While a little frustrating and often nauseating, I know it is more a sign of the quality of the stones in the store than anything else.


Crystal Universe (Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

This wholesale-only stockist doesn’t appear to be much from the outside, but it houses the most diverse and largest crystal collection I’ve seen outside of a museum – including some incredibly rare pieces and a large number of crystal carvings that are all for sale to businesses.  If you are a crystal-nerd like me make sure that you put aside a good couple of hours for your first visit and remember that because Crystal Universe only sells wholesale, you will need to register with your ABN upon arrival.  This one is not for the personal, non-business-owning collector.


Back To Basics (Williamstown, Victoria, Australia)

While this store is promoted as more of a natural body product supplier than anything else online, it has a wonderful crystal collection.  I’ve often found stones that I haven’t otherwise been able to get my hands on here.


Rock Star Crystals (New York City, New York, USA)

Gala Darling recommended this one and I’m so thrilled that she did!  While I know the store has moved location slightly since I last was there, there is no doubt in my mind that it will still be as wonderful as ever!  You need a lot of time to truly see the amount of stock that is available but any time here is a worthy investment.  Just writing about it now makes me long to go back!

Something worth noting if you are planning a visit: I’m not sure about the new location but at the old one bigger bags were not allowed in-store.  This made complete sense, my backpack would have been like a pendulum knocking things off shelves as I manoeuvred around in there! To save yourself needing to leave a bag unattended outside, take a small purse only or bring a friend who doesn’t mind waiting outside while you fossick (thanks Hubby!).


Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens (Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia)

If the sun is shining and you have got some time to spare, this haven in the hilltops is a must.  Allow a few hours so that you don’t feel rushed and take your phone or camera with you if you are selfie-inclined…

The bamboo plantation is  my favourite part of the gardens and the rose quartz water feature outside of the cafe is my favourite crystal piece.  Having said that, it is hard to look anywhere without seeing something beautiful, inspiring, grounding or energising.
TIP: Don’t go on an empty stomach.  The energy there can be strong and having food in your belly is one way of supporting yourself to stay grounded as you journey.

Oh, and…

TIP: Don’t stress the word ‘castle’ too heavily if you are going with a five-year-old in toe.  They will be utterly disappointed if they are a fan of fairytales. (Disney has a lot to answer for!)






No descriptions necessary – these beauties speak for themselves.

5 THROAT candle by Lemon Canary


90s Child candle by Franki Gusti


Almond Milk candle by Mac + Pat






Love Tea by Lemon Canary

Boasting raspberry pieces, baby meringue drops (yep!), rose petals and other utterly delicious ingredients, this is currently my favourite tea on the planet.


Goji + Coconut chocolate by Pana Chocolate

So delicious.  And good for you?!  Heaven.





Daily Blooms

I love Daily Blooms’ concept so much and do almost all of my Melbourne flower ordering with them – proudly!  Founder Courtney offers only one style of blooms (in various sizes) each day, purchasing flowers that light her up from markets that morning and stopping taking orders when she runs out of the day’s stock.  Minimal waste, local flora, maximum heart, beautiful arrangements and a super quick delivery to match!


Floreat Floral

Based in Darlinghurst, Sydney, the stunning simplicity of Jane’s natural and relaxed styling has always taken my breath away.  She has a wonderful free e-book available on her website to support soon-to-be-brides with the planning of their wedding flowers and while her talent is VERY diverse, her customer service is also second-to-none.  The full package.


Helen Dillon

Helen Dillon was my wedding florist and I love her.  Her work completely blew my mind (see the middle picture above), and the visit I had from her on the morning of my wedding was one of the surprising highlights of the overall day.  After having seen her featured in a lot of Melbourne bridal magazines and completely adored by everyone who works with her, I dreamed of working with her in the lead up to our special day.  I was not disappointed!






I have all of these things in my home and all of the causes they support in my heart. I could write an essay on every single one of these organisations and the amazing people who drive them forward with passion, love and endless dedication. I’m limiting myself to one sentence for each because their work speaks so loudly for itself. If you were to choose to invest your precious money in anything from this list, please start with what is listed in this section. You are and can be a world-saver and game-changer, too.


Toilet paper by Who Gives a Crap

Toilet paper that is 100% forest friendly, from a company who donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets in communities that need them.


Reusable coffee cups by Keep Cup

Reusable cups to combat disposable cup wastage.


Art series coffee cups by Bio Pak

Environmentally sustainable coffee cups displaying artwork by Australian and New Zealand artists.


Swear jar kit by Love Your Sister

Everything you need to create your own swear jar and tell cancer to f*#k off once and for all.


Beanies by Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer

Keep your head warm, look amazing and support brain cancer research all at once.


Microloans by Kiva

Lend as little as $25 (yep, its a LOAN) to support someone living in poverty to start or grow a business, access clean energy or realise their personal potential through education and training.


Thongs (flip flops) by Moe loco

For every pair of thongs sold,  Moe Loco donates a pair of shoes to a child living in poverty. Their thongs have the most amazing, supportive messages written on them, too.


Port t-shirts by ComfPort Clothing

Comfortable clothing designed for cancer patients by an organisation who donates a Port T-shirt to a cancer patient in need for every one sold.


Ticketing by Humanitix

A philanthropic ticketing platform which donates the profit from the booking payment fees to a charity of the event organiser’s choice.






Resume templates from Creative Market

I recommend this site to all of my clients who are in the process of updating their resumes. There are some beautiful templates there – all of which support any resume to stand out from the pile and one of which is sure to help you capture your personality on the page.


Website legal package from Legal 123

I used a package from these guys to create the disclaimer and privacy statement on this site. Their packages can be tailored to a range of professions, are clear in their wording and completely customisable to Australian businesses.


Website hosting from Bluehost

Bluehost is a US-based company and I first approached them because they had been highly recommended to me by my graphic designer. I have always found their customer support to be fast, thorough and reliable and their online chat functionality is the best I’ve seen. They also aren’t concerned about having to explain things to me multiple times when I don’t understand. Legends.


Online finance system by Xero

Xero is to my finances what WD40 is to a creaky door. Smooth, streamlined, efficient and SO easy to use. They also have video tutorials for literally everything that are both easy to find and use.


Business cards by Moo

MOO are based in the UK and have been producing my business cards for years based on a template I created on their website using my own logo and image. The card stock is very high quality, I love the rounded corners, the print/delivery time is quite fast and I constantly get complimented on them. They also put cute stickers on/in their delivery boxes which makes me feel like we are besties.


Desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone by Apple

Apple got me. All devices, all synced all the time. Once I went Mac I haven’t gone back.

My favourite Mac product by far is the 27” desktop computer I use most days, with wireless keyboard and mouse. I have seen my productivity double through the sheer ability to have two documents/windows/programs open side-by-side on the single screen alone. I also admittedly chill out on my office couch and watch Netflix on there from time to time…


Project Management tool by Asana

I recommend Asana to anyone who will listen and it is the platform I use to communicate with both my Assistant Chloe, and the team at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. It has always felt very intuitive and being online means I can access it anywhere which has always been helpful during long periods away for speaking commitments.


Website theme by Theme Forest on WordPress

I still use the same WordPress site with the same Theme Forest theme that I had when I first launched Heart Sparks. I have changed things quite a bit over the years, but the fundamentals have always been strong.


Document sharing by Google Docs

I use Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets for any documents that I need multiple people to be able to edit/comment on simultaneously. The shared functionality means that multiple users can be accessing a document live together and seeing each other’s updates in real time while discussion is taking place.

It has also been really helpful at times when I have been collaborating with Microsoft system user, saving hundreds of document conversions that would have otherwise had to take place between Mac Pages and Microsoft Word as documents shoot back and forth.


File sharing by Dropbox

I have Dropbox synced across all of my devices and use it frequently to share images (it is GREAT for high res image sharing that cannot be done over email/messaging programs), files and presentations. I most frequently use it with Chloe, event organisers, photographers and the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.


Email automation by MailChimp

I am yet to find anything ‘techy’ that brings me as much joy as the high-five I get from the Mail Chimp monkey when I send an email out to the Heart Sparkers tribe. There have been times when, often in the early hours of the morning, I have high-fived the screen right back!

MailChimp is great for setting up subscription options on websites, managing email lists, sending emails to groups, setting up email automation and creating/reusing email templates for newsletters. It makes what would otherwise be a tech-tedious process for me really fun, intuitive and simple, which means I get to focus all of my love on my beautiful audience.


Automated presentation templates by Prezi

Prezi makes Powerpoint look like its monotone Uni professor and I use it to create ALL of the presentations I use in keynotes and workshops. I remember finding Prezi a little hard to master at first, but it is one of those programs that will forever be easy once it ‘clicks’ in your mind.

The young people I work with LOVE Prezi presentations and I have as much fun making them as they do watching them.


Photo editing by PicMonkey

I have lost count of the number of things I have been able to do myself on PicMonkey that I would have otherwise had to outsource to a graphic designer. Its most common uses at Heart Sparks HQ include:

  • cropping, resizing and reshaping images for my Praise pages
  • adding text to images
  • creating quote images
  • lightening dark photos through filters

There is something about programs that involve cartoon monkeys – between this and MailChimp…


All kinds of design templates from Canva

Whether making banners for social media, entire e-books or adverts for print, Canva has always been my go-to for design templates and elements on occasions when I have been completing the job myself.


PDF merging and separating tool by Small PDF

Canva recommended this one to me and I love it. Within seconds you can effortlessly combine or separate individual PDF pages or complete PDF files and save your new versions. I’ve found this really helpful when making e-books or updating old documents.


Pomodoro productivity timers

There are so many of these out there online and on app stores but it is the process I love more-so than any app in particular. Pomodoro works on the (research-supported) notion that a human can maintain optimum concentration for 25 minutes before posture and focus start to fade. Therefore, if we work on a task in bursts of 25 minutes with short rest breaks in between, we will always get the best out of ourself (while also getting lots of opportunity to refresh our cup of tea! #winning ).

Pomodoro Timer apps monitor do all of the timing for you, alerting you when it is time to take your five or ten minute break, and when it is time to come back to work again!


Portable BOOM speaker by UE

This is a staple for any workshop I deliver. Light-weight, portable, easy to sync with other devices and boasting fantastic sound quality, I use my BOOM to project everything audible, from background music while participants are completing worksheets and reflecting to the sound for videos I’m showing. In truth I also use it in my office to create surround sound when I’m having a solo dance off in my breaks…


Ergofit earbud headphones by Panasonic

I have tiny ear holes. (I just googled the correct term for ‘ear hole’ and apparently it is ‘external auditory meatus.’ I don’t feel as bad for not knowing it now!) This was the first pair of earbud headphones I found that fit my ears – thanks to the varying sized nobby-bits included – so I’ve stuck with them.





Spaces at The Art Series Hotels


Spaces at À La Maison des polytechniciens


Styling by Ruffles And Bells


Make up by MAC


Event Management by Event Head


Spaces at The Summer House


Hair by Rare Earth Hair





Michelle from Eyes of Love Photography

I reached out to Michelle and begged her to come to Melbourne to work with me after I came in contact with her work and fell in love with her natural, vibrant-yet-soulful photography style. It was and still is like nothing I’ve seen before.

She was incredible in the lead up to our shoot, so helpful, attentive, genuine and honest in her communication and my photos from my time with her are still some of my all-time favourites. Her friendly hubby Jacko is also a great photographer in his own right and took some incredible shots of me too!



Fi from Fi Mims Photography

Whenever I show up to speak at an event and see Fi there as the official photographer, my heart soars. She is like a beautiful, talented, shining ninja – always smiling, never noticeable or drawing attention as she moves about the room and blends into the scenery and someone who captures utterly amazing event photos live every single time.

She is just as comforting, warm and fun in her studio and captures the best product shots I’ve seen. I’ve worked with and around her for years and have not once been anything other than hugely impressed by her work. She has amazing relationships with all of her clients too – which is further credit to the superstar she is even without a camera in hand.



Jade Wisely from Jade Wisely Photography

The first time I met Jade she was photographing an event in a moon boot – yep – and I was in absolute awe of her. She fearlessly and somehow inconspicuously! climbed on furniture to get the perfect shots (and they were!), radiated happiness despite the pain she must have been in and was deeply dedicated to capturing the authentic best of absolutely everyone in the room. It was immediately obvious then and has been to me ever since – she REALLY cares.

Jade has such a beautiful commitment to storytelling in her work and her photographs always showcase her subjects’ personalities, well beyond their looks alone. People seem to go to her looking for photographs yet find themselves walking away with deeper connections to themselves, to their personal and business stories and to these magical little windows to their souls that she seems to help them uncover. It is an amazing thing to watch.



Monika Berry from MB Captured

I remember telling Mon years ago that I always – and very unintentionally – pulled stupid face when I spoke and that I struggled to get good photos of me speaking live. She merely responded with “Challenge accepted!” and went on to capture more great photos of me speaking than I’d ever seen from a single event. Bam.

Mon has so much diversity in the photography she offers which I love and she has a gorgeous, fresh, welcoming style that carries through everything she touches. She loves coffee as much as I do too. Cheers to that!






Amina Mucciolo at @studiomucci

This woman gets my love of colour like no other and makes me smile constantly.  Enough said!


Megan Hess at @meganhess_official

I could give Megan a shout out in a lot of categories on this page, but jump down to the ‘Artists + Illustrators’ section for the down-low on why I love her so much.


The Awkward Yeti at @theawkwardyeti

I’m sure we can all relate to the battles of Heart + Brain.  It is hard to feel like you are the only one fighting an internal battle when these delightful comics turn up in your feed!


Sweatpants & Coffee at @sweatpantsandcoffee

Words of inspiration + coffee adoration + honesty about anxiety + gorgeous artwork = Nanea Hoffman’s ‘Sweatpants and Coffee.’ Nanea is so much more than her Instagram account, but her Instagram account is one beautiful permission slip for coffee lovers everywhere.


Humans of New York at @humansofny

Real stories, real people, one heck of a city.  This is urban humanity in its raw, honest and beautiful brilliance.


Liz Climo at @lizclimo

Liz’s world of animal comics melt my heart, remind me of the beauty of friendship and encourage me to celebrate the simplicity of life every single day.  Her comics around the holidays are always my favourites.


The Way We Met at @thewaywemet

Sweet stories about love and relationships. Get your “awwww” ready!


Saraswati at @queenofluna

Saraswati’s makeup artistry amazes me. I have lost combined hours of my life staring at her images thinking “Wait, where does her real eye start? How did she do that?!” Her work is as beautiful as it is artistic.


BreakfastinMelbourne at @breakfastinmelbourne

My go-to for brunch meeting inspo and general Sunday procrastination!


Urban List Melbourne @urbanlistmelb

If you are a foodie in Melbourne, this is a must!


Javier Pérez at @cintascotch

Javier cleverly combines simple sketches of joyous characters with household objects to form his artwork. I can’t help but smile whenever I look at his account and after the arrival of some beautiful cards of his last year, I’m hooked!





Crystal rings by Blaire Porter

Gosh I am head-over-heels in love with my Blaire Porter ring! I have never received more compliments for a piece of jewellery (including my wedding ring!) and I feel like a boho pillar of strength and truth when I wear it. I have an aqua aura quartz one that is set in black tourmaline on an adjustable band, and I am constantly peering at Blaire’s site in search of a second addition to my collection. Each piece is unique and Blaire, who is based in the US, has so much talent for her craft.


Necklaces by Kokopilli

I have bought necklaces from Kokopilli as gifts for friends and I have always been impressed by the quality and beauty of the stones Jahnavi uses, alongside the love that is so clearly given to each piece as it is crafted in Byron Bay, Australia. If you head to the website, check out Jahnavi’s words on her “My Dream” page. They are truly beautiful.


Mandala rings by The Fifth Element Life

…in particular, my Intuition Mandala ring. Whenever I’m not wearing it I feel like there is a little piece of me missing, and its symbols remind me to tune inwards daily.


Earrings by Samantha Wills

I don’t yet own a pair of them, but I have held them, felt them, and they are firmly on my wishlist! The bigger and more dangly, the better!


Chakra Necklaces by Violet Gray Design

I was given the Heart Chakra necklace by some graduates of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course and it quickly became a staple jewellery item for me. Its visual simplicity but deep symbolic reminder brings me so much joy, just as the people who gave it to me do.


Necklaces by Hello Emily Green

Never have I loved resin so much! The colour combinations are gorgeous and I adore the way they quickly make what otherwise feels like a bland outfit sing. The one I have was a gift from some colleagues of mine in the Youth Sector not long before I stepped into Heart Sparks full time, which makes it all the more special.


Tassel earrings by Jemima at Kingston Jewellery 

I have been eying these off for AGES and I’ve never seen a pair I don’t like! I can’t wait for the day when I add them to my collection.


Recycled eco jewellery by Zefyr Jewels 

I met designer Tanya Coelho in Sydney some time after buying my first piece of her work – a beautiful recycled brass necklace with a piece of rose quartz from the 1950s. She loves travel just as I do and uses her adventures to influence her work.


Zodiac bracelets by Tara Wolf Jewellery

I’ve never been a huge fan of zodiac themed jewellery, but these are an exception!


Geode boxes by Serendipity

Next level boxes for your rings and earrings.





Clutch bags by Clutchit

I received a Clutchit clutch as a birthday gift and I was immediately hooked! They are stunning, SO reasonably priced and lovingly handmade by an Australian mother and daughter team. What a combo!


Crystal crowns by Crystal Eclipse Crowns 

Beautiful, energy-filled, Australian handmade headpieces that make you feel like a goddess. Enough said.


Socks by Happy Socks

While I’m willing to admit that it may be purely because these have literally have ‘Happy Socks’ written on them, I ALWAYS feel special and indeed happier while wearing them.


Hats by Nick Fouquet

It is a dream of mine to own one of Nick’s hats. I’m not sure how or when, but I’ve hopefully got enough living left to do to be able to make it happen. They are AMAZING.


Pyjamas by Peter Alexander

My all-time favourite pyjama designer. P.A. gets me and I sleep with him almost every night. #punintended








Brenda Mangalore

I first met Brenda when she was speaking at an event with two of her original paintings on stage beside her.  I felt instantly drawn towards one of them and after chatting with her that day and hearing the journey she had gone on while creating it, I knew it was the perfect piece for Heart Sparks HQ and that I wouldn’t be going home without it.  Brenda has since gifted me a stunning piece of word art, many beautiful conversations and a lot of insight into ‘the messy middle’ of any creative project.


Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten’s work spoke to me right from the first time I saw it. Her use of bright, vibrant colour always makes me feel joyous and the original piece hanging in our lounge room fills me with positivity every single time I see it, even after these years. I haven’t seen a work of hers I haven’t liked!


Megan Hess

Megan is an international fashion artist who I loved the moment I met. For years prior to that her chic images of beautifully-styled women stepping out into the world had motivated me to get up, dress up and wholeheartedly show up in cities all over the world – often while still jet-lagged and struggling to keep my eyes open.  I have a print of a sketch she did while people-watching in a cafe in Paris here in our home and whenever I see it I feel instantly connected to many things I hold close to my heart – travel, the mystery of people-watching, lazy cafe afternoons, quiet reflection time and simplicity.


Thomas Dambo

I came across Thomas’ ‘Forgotten Giants’ online when I was researching art galleries in Denmark before my third trip there in 2017. I don’t want to give much away about Thomas or the incredible inclusiveness of his work (and in particular the creation of these giants), but if you find yourself in and around Copenhagen PLEASE go hunting for them. Just do it.

Thomas, thank you for all that you are, all that you create and all that you bring to the world.


Nicole Green (Lockhart Glassworks)

Stained glass pieces that are equally simplistic, beautiful and heart-fuelled.  I don’t own a piece of Nicole’s work yet, but I’m confident to have her on this list anyway.  I’ve got my eye on her crystal corners. #want !


Bec Winnel

An artist and illustrator who creates stunning portraits of imaginary women in imaginary worlds that so soulfully capture the feminine spirit. Pure, divine, beautiful.


Michael Leunig

I have been a Michael Leunig fan for as long as I can remember and I’m disappointed that I’ve not yet had a chance to meet him or hear him speak.  A cartoonist, writer, poet and philosopher, he was shaping my understanding of our world and the importance of kindness long before I realised it was happening.





Almond Bar in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia

By far my favourite restaurant in Sydney, and also the makers of one of my favourite cook books.  Get ready for amazing Syrian food cooked with a LOT of love.


Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia

My regular coffee pit-stop when in Sydney.


Buddaken in Chelsea Market, New York, USA

Amazing flavours of the Far East served in the most beautiful restaurant building I have seen.   This is my favourite restaurant in NYC which you may have seen from the Sex and the City movie…  This was the set for Carrie and Big’s engagement dinner.


Buddha Bar in Paris, France

A lovely hideaway for cocktails.


District North in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia

Self-described to be “focused on being healthy and making sure the simple things are done right even with a few cheeky blowouts.”  A few cheeky blowouts indeed.  DELICIOUS blowouts.


Heal.Thy Self Co. in Yarraville, Victoria, Australia

The smoothies here are SO good.  Be smooth my friends, be smooth…  😉


Kamel Restaurant in Albert Park, Victoria, Australia

Middle Eastern and North African inspired share plates with a mini chocolate and rosewater mousse that I can’t think about with salivating.  That mousse, seriously…


Denmark House in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The most authentic Danish food I’ve eaten outside of Denmark and the first place I run to when I’m feeling homesick for Fredericia.





Points South by the Sea 


Mt Cotton Retreat 


Accor Group Hotels 


Plataran Hotel and Spa 


Reef House





Self Care Stickers by Gemma Correll


The American Museum of Natural History


Mandala throws by Bohemian Vibes


FireKeepers by Jenna Knight at Strong Medicine Studio 


Hanging plants by Mister Moss


Insomnia Drum by Hant Drum


Lavender hand sanitiser by Dr. Bronner’s


Green tea lip balm by Hurraw!



Have something YOU love that you think I should check out?  Contact me here and let me know!