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Do you dream of being a confident, inspiring, engaging and sought-after speaker?

Do you long to speak in your workplace with more ease, impact and connection?

Do you know in your heart you are avoiding making it happen?

Are you confused about where to start?

I know that you have a powerful message inside of you and know with deep certainty that it is one that the world needs to hear.  There are already people out there, going about their lives all the while searching for YOU.

I want to see you passionately and unashamedly recognising, understanding and voicing your truth without doubt or reservation.  I know you’ve got what it takes.

I want the world to see you, hear you and be inspired by you for who you are and in all that you are.  You are enough.

Your voice is a powerful one and you can be an incredible speaker without being anyone other than yourself.  I promise.

Let’s talk!


I am ready to bring my years of experience as a coach and vast expertise and experience as a speaker together to share with you everything I know about being a successful speaker and building a speaking profile, while also proudly and lovingly challenging and supporting you to bring your speaking dream to life.  It is time.


As a highly in-demand speaker, I know what it takes to empower an audience into action, to build individual relationships on stage with every member of an audience, whether in a room of 12 people or 1200, and to be invited back to speak at events, run workshops, converse with the media and passionately share messages time and time again.





Being a speaker and standing on stage was on my dream board and I wanted a speaking career, but I wasn’t confident about speaking or my ability to make it happen.  I longed to feel confident on stage and share my message with others.  Working with Jo was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  Right from my first session with her I began feeling more confident as she helped me gently tune into myself and my messages more.  While working with her I crafted and delivered a keynote presentation at an event.  The feedback was amazing and I loved every moment I was speaking!  I now feel confident as a speaker and am super excited about future speaking opportunities.  Jo was so warm, nurturing and supportive.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Jo!  You saw the stars in my eyes and helped me spread my wings and fly.
Elva Li   :   Personal Brand Coach / Designer / Speaker, Elva Li


I’m here to support you if you:

–  dream of being a sought-after speaker

–  wish to speak more powerfully in your workplace

–  long to feel deeply confident and content as an authentic, inspiring speaker

–  desire a captivating, engaging stage presence as your authentic self

–  long to develop and implement speaker services into your business

–  feel ready to source more speaking opportunities

–  are trying to develop content for public speaking speeches, presentations or workshops with a focus on morphing your personal passion and story into meaningful service for an audience

–  are ready to kick a fear of speaking in public to the curb once and for all



From the first email to our last, Jo made me feel supported + made it so easy for me to open up, share my thoughts, concerns and fears and just as quickly, empowered me with knowledge and tools to move through them.  Since working with Jo, I am now a more confident speaker and feel ready to take on more opportunities with the skills I have learnt.  I cannot recommend working with Jo enough, her beautiful energy, years of experience and straight to the point style is the perfect combination.
Amy Mackenzie   :   Founder,  Designing Her Life + Solopreneur Society


the STAGE SUCCESS package

Unlike my Life + Confidence Coaching, this package is a conscious blend of coaching, mentoring and knowledge sharing, with the love, encouragement and accountability of all three.

For You:

– a thought-provoking and idea-inspiring questionnaire to connect you to your speaking dream

– a 30 minute consultation to make sure that we are the best fit for each other and that Speaker Coaching is the best possible support for you right now

– 6 x 60 minute Skype coaching sessions over three months

– unlimited email support between sessions

Plus some bonuses:

– a follow-up coaching session up to three months after your series ends, with a focus on checking in with the sustainability of your speaking services, sourcing even more speaking opportunities, or extending your amazing outcomes even further

– a full speaker page web-copy review + speaker kit review (during your series)

– the Heart Sparks Speaker Tool-Kit for building presence, confidence and audience engagement (coming late 2017)


$664 per month ($1992), or $1750 when paid in full upfront.


To receive your free questionnaire and some complimentary one-on-one time with me to make sure this is the best thing to support your speaking dreams right now, or to reserve your place and get started, email me directly at johanna@heartsparks.com.au or contact me here



When I started working with Jo as my Speaker Coach I thought that there was no way I would go through with an upcoming presentation I has scheduled to do. My self-doubt was consuming me. I imagined working with Jo would be wonderful – but it was so much more than that. I felt so at ease, accepted and understood and Jo’s approach was exactly what I needed. She went above and beyond for me and working with her exceeded what I could have imagined! I felt a real shift right from my first session with her and I knew then and there that I would go through with my speaking commitment after having wanted to pull out of it for SO long. After that first session I immediately got traction with the writing of my speech and for the first time was able to focus on what I wanted to share and how that was going to happen. I had a plan, support and a strong process to follow. Beautiful Jo made what seemed so undoable more than doable and while before working with her I would have never called myself a speaker, now I am much more open to speaking opportunities in the future!
Lenice Gaunt   :   Life + Wellness Coach / Mind Detox Practitioner






I have become heart-broken over the last few years watching women hide their voice.  I have met hundreds of women who have told me they have a secret dream of sharing their message on stages, in workshops, in intimate events, on podcasts, in YouTube videos and in the media but either don’t think that they have what it takes to see it through, don’t think that they can be ‘an engaging person’ on stage due to their quiet energy/soft voice/lack of experience/lack of having what other speakers supposedly have, or don’t think that their voice and message is special enough. I know otherwise. I’m sick of seeing women hide themselves away.






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I can’t wait to hear from you!