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“The most honest, authentic and down-to-earth speaker I have had the pleasure of hearing.”


“Her ability to connect with and affect people is profound.”

“One of the most inspiring and engaging people I have ever met.”

“Thoughtful in her choice of words and so full of wisdom.”


Looking for an authentic and engaging speaker or MC?  Let’s talk.


I feel at home on stage.


I am deeply passionate and excited about speaking to audiences of adults and adolescents who want to be the most authentic version of themselves possible, who want to challenge fear and negativity, feel unashamedly grounded within themselves, use their voice honestly and wholeheartedly for good in their own life and in the lives of others, and who want to learn how to bring their best existence to fruition through every decision they make.


I am the perfect speaker for people who feel ready to explore and unearth their truest passions, to learn to embrace and celebrate their uniqueness and to develop the confidence, clarity and courage they need to achieve their every goal – whether in study, business, relationships or how they see and connect with themselves.


I have been speaking to and running workshops for audiences aged 8 – 80 in numbers of 7 – 700 across Australia and internationally for over half of my lifetime, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



If you bring the stage, screen or airways, I will bring the message…


My keynote presentations and workshops proudly encompass the following themes:

–   Living and leading with unashamed authenticity

–   Self-love and confidence

–   Challenging negativity, doubt and fear

         –   Personal leadership and conscious communication

–   Feeling-based and values-based decision making + goal setting

–   Creating successful, sustainable change

–   Strengthening communities through self



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To the speaking stage I bring my personal (but not always rosy) journey and continued learnings in leadership, confidence and crafting a meaningful, deeply fulfilling life and business


my experiences as a Coach following seven years working in the not-for-profit space providing frontline outreach work and crisis intervention to Australia’s most socially isolated and disadvantaged young people


my love of building connectedness within communities and organisations


and my innate ability to quickly foster empowering relationships with audiences from very diverse settings.






As an MC, I love holding space for speakers and award nominees, supporting organisers to enjoy their own event and engaging audiences with genuine warmth, authenticity and spark!



“A beautiful energy just radiates from her.”

“She led the day with such presence and grace.”

“I enjoyed listening to her as MC just as much as listening to the speakers themselves!”

“She reflected openly on the key messages of every speaker live and tied everything together magically.”


I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to speaking of any kind…

While you are most welcome to book one of my popular keynotes listed below to save yourself time, I am always VERY excited to connect – at no additional cost to you – to hear more about the hopes for your event/s and learn more about your plans, format, agenda and audience so that I can facilitate something that is specially and uniquely constructed for you and that flows magically within everything else you have planned for the day.


If it is a standalone workshop for young people that you are interested in, this is how I suggest we approach that.


Keynote presentations include:

–  Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone and Making Fear Your Friend

– Leading From Within

–  The Secrets to Successful Goal Setting: Forget What They Told You

–  Finding Your Tribe and Building Your (DREAM) Team

–  Feeling Into Your Business With Unashamed Authenticity

–  Strengthening Family Through Self

–  From Stress to Success

–  Find Your Passion, Love Your Life

–  The Power of Positivity: Secrets of an Eternal Optimist

–  Unapologetically YOU



Each keynote mentioned above has an accompanying workshop that can occur alongside it (great for conferences that have breakout sessions!) or as an independent experience.





Johanna is a new kind of leader. She inspires intention-led living with her every interaction and her ability to connect and affect people is profound. I chose Johanna as our opening speaker for The Create Day and the energy she created with our audience set the perfect tone for our entire day. She presents with first class polish and heart, and on stage as well as in conversation, she is both captivating and generous.
People recognise that they are in safe hands with Johanna and are willing to be vulnerable because she quickly earns trust. Luminous yet grounded and accessible, she gifts audiences a perfect mix of inspiration and practical application that enables them to be the best versions of themselves. Johanna shows such depth, substance and infectious kindness. From knowing her I am more lit up in my own life and I was honoured to connect her with my tribe, too.


Jade Wisely: Host of The Create Days, Jade Wisely Photography




More than a Motivational Speaker

If I am truly honest, I don’t like being referred to as a ‘Motivational Speaker’.


Yes, I motivate my audience members, but that is not what is most important to me.


The thing about the concept of ‘Motivational Speaking’ that doesn’t sit well with me is what happens the morning after the event… or the day after that… or the week after that; that inevitable moment when an audience member wakes up and the feeling they felt in the room with a speaker has worn off.  The moment they find themselves right back where they started.


My personal speaking philosophy ensures that, regardless of the session, my audience members receive:


–  Practical tools that they can apply today and reapply any day for the rest of their lives

–  A direct contact line to me so that they are able to keep the conversation going if my words have sparked something in them that they would like to explore further

–  A greater understanding of who they authentically are

–  A feeling of connection: to me, to you, to themselves, to their own life and to their responsibility in defining their own journey






It might not sound as fancy, but I guess you can call me a ‘Carpenter Speaker’ instead.

I am here to give audiences tools and to teach them to build so they have the power and resources to do so for themselves long after I have left the room!


My wish for them is a more wonderful life, not just a wonderful day.



I recently engaged Jo Parker to be MC at my annual Inspired Women event and it was one of the best decisions I had made for my event.  Jo was not only an incredible speaker (which I had already known about her and seen for myself numerous times), but she was also an amazing support in the lead up and on the day.  When asked for what she needed prior to the event, her communication was prompt and clear, enabling me to gather the required information she needed quickly and easily with no fuss.
On the day, she turned up ready to go with all of her notes prepared and immediately dived into action.  The utmost professional, Jo was an incredible addition to the day.  Both the speakers and the audience absolutely loved her and I am still receiving feedback on how much they enjoyed her presence.  As an event host, I needed to feel supported, prepared and like everything was running smoothly.  Jo helped ensure that all three of those needs were met and more.  Looking back, I honestly couldn’t have done it all without her as I knew that she was there to take care of the stage while I took care of all the other bits and pieces.  Plus, I got to enjoy watching all of my speakers without being distracted in any way.
If you are looking for an MC that is professional, helpful, intelligent, warm and impressive, Jo is your go to woman. I’ve already booked her in for my 2017 event so do not hesitate to engage her today, she will book out fast!


Jade McKenzie  :  Founder,  Event Head






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