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hen it comes to working with groups of young people, one size does not fit all. Period.  I am not going to tell you otherwise, nor am I going to talk to you about a standard program of sessions that I deliver to schools or community organisations.  You and I both know that those young people you have in your reach are more unique than that.


I develop and facilitate workshops that are individually constructed to meet the needs of the young people that YOU work with.  This means that the workshop I deliver for you will most likely look somewhat different to the one that I delivered last week, and also to the one that I will deliver tomorrow.


I wholeheartedly believe that sustainable learning comes from providing young people with practical tools that can be used well into the future, wherever their feet and heart                                                                                           takes them.



I have worked with Jo for 7 years co-directing a youth program in a volunteer capacity.  Jo is one of the most inspiring and engaging people I have ever met.  She has the ability to move a group or an individual in a short amount of time.  She connects well with people, builds trust quickly and leaves you thinking ‘I cant believe I just revealed that…’ but you are always glad you did with the support, problem solving and million dollar questions Jo asks to help you collect your thoughts and make positive change.  Jo pours her kindness and energy into everyone she works with and brings a wealth of experience.
Clare Desira,  Founder, Top Five Movement / Manager,  NAB Employee Volunteering Program    


And this is how it works…


1.I will meet with you initially to learn about the young people you work with, and together we will choose the topic(s) that you feel they would benefit most from exploring with me.  We will discuss the amazing qualities you see in them, their challenges, their experience of working with you and their hopes for the future.


The topics you choose will come from my extensive catalogue of possibilities, each of which can be easily partnered with any of the others.  This meeting will take 30 minutes of your time and will allow me to create a distinctive, meaningful program that can meet the specific needs of the young people it is designed for.


Topics include:

  • Challenging negative thinking and engaging a positive mindset
  • Self-esteem and ‘onlyness’
  • Personal values and value-based decision making
  • Successful goal setting – today, tomorrow and always
  • Physical and mental wellbeing
  • Creating change
  • Prioritising and time management
  • De-cluttering of the mind and mindfulness
  • Self and community leadership
and many more!


Don’t know the young people well, if at all?  Don’t worry!
Based on your hopes and intentions for the workshop(s) we will easily come up with a truly wonderful program.


Jo’s skill and passion for working with young people is infectious and has been a privilege to watch.  Her ability to engage with not only individuals but also groups of young people is incredible, and her natural ability to make everyone feel important and valued leaves each young person she works with feeling empowered to take on any challenge they face and to change their own lives for the better.  The way in which she captivates and involves her young audiences in the session content is remarkable to witness, and I recommend hiring her without hesitation to work with youth on any aspect of their personal development and growth.
Tristan Knoop, Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Leadership Team

2.I will develop the workshop(s) for your group based on the information you have given me during our consultation and my extensive experience of working with young people.  Each workshop will include the introduction and implementation of practical strategies that young people can easily introduce to all areas of their life and/or study; today, tomorrow, forever.


Johanna is very highly skilled with facilitating workshops for young people.  She is very engaging and professional and brings a great energy to the room.  She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic which makes her workshops of a high quality.
Peta Seabrook, Youth Counsellor 




3.I will arrive to deliver the workshop(s) in a format we agree best fits your audience.  Workshop formats include both interactive presentations that are suitable for large groups or entire school year levels, as well as intensive activity and discussion-based programs that are idea for single classes or smaller groups.



How invested you want to be in the process from here is entirely up to you, but each professional I work with will be offered access to information that  will allow a  continuance of conversations begun during the workshop(s) with young people long after I have left the room.


All Heart Sparks workshops are built on a strong evidence base, and are heavily influenced by strengths-based and person-centered models.



Sound like what you are looking for?  Fantastic!  I cannot wait to meet with you and hear more about the young people you work with. 

For more information or to book a workshop, please enquire here.